We All Roll Along

We All Roll Along

Being one of my favourite songs by The Maine, you’d think I’d love everything about it. But to be honest the meaning I get from this song actually worries and depresses me which is weird since the lyrics are looking back on their happy memories.

The song’s basically about when the band were teenagers and how they want someone to “…take me back to the parking lots, the sleep we fought and all the places we got caught…the sleepless nights, the stupid fights…” and all the things they miss about being so young. There’s this line in the song, the one that worries me, “I remember everyday I spent dreaming of leaving…” and they go on to sing about the good times they head. It freaks me out. I spend everyday dreaming of leaving high school, leaving this city and flying off to America and living a life that’s exciting and fast paced. This makes me wonder: is this what they dreamed of? And now they appear to miss being a teenager, so what if I end up missing being a teenager? My life would have to be pretty damn awful in the future for me to miss this…

There’s another line too: “…it felt like we did so much back then” – as if they’re looking back at how their lives felt really exciting when they were teenagers, and this scares me because I really feel like I’m going absolutely nowhere right now. I have to revise to do tests in subjects I don’t like to get qualifications I don’t care about so I can get a job I don’t want. I feel like I’m wasting my time. I’m young, I’m healthy, physically this is the best I ever will be. And I have to spend my time doing homework I can’t be bothered with to please teachers I hate. I have never felt this hopeless in my life.

The song is all about how they used to feel so alive and like they were living to the full, and it terrifies me because I feel so dead and like I may as well not be living at all for all I’m accomplishing. And it scares me to think: does it really get worse? Does it?

Click the title to listen to the song, by the way.

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2 thoughts on “We All Roll Along

  1. I know its weird when people say they miss being a teenager and would do anything to go back, and I’m here waiting for this phase to get over so that I can move on with my life already. I also always think that does life really get worse from this? Because I’m sure looking forward thinking its gonna get much better!

    • I totally agree with you, the only reason I would ever go back to high school after I leave is for a reunion where I’d hopefully see all the people who put me down now completely failing at life in the future xD

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