We Are Liars

You know when you do something, and you think “God, what would my friends think if they knew”, that’s how I’m feeling right now. That’s because I doubt my friends at school would consider my blog ‘cool’. So, I came to decide that I just won’t tell any of my friends I write a blog, no big deal right? Wrong. 

If you’re hiding your blog from your friends, what are your friends hiding from you? If you’re not honest with them, and they’re not honest with you, are they even your friends at all? What’s friendship without trust? Nothing. So, do any of us actually have any friends? I don’t know.

And what if we’re hiding so much from our friends that who they think we are isn’t who we are at all? Or if our friends are hiding so much from us that who we think they are isn’t who they are either? Does this mean that all our friends are just figments of our imaginations, just things we built up out of lies and half-truths and assumptions? Or are we figments of other people’s imaginations? Are there even any real people left in the world?

If not, then where did all the real people go? The answer, I think, is they were crushed into nothing when somebody somewhere divided society into a few categories and forced everybody to fit into them. Once I think there were just people, now there are pretty people and ugly people. There are cool people and un-cool people. There are sluts and chavs and hipsters and freaks and more.

And in our desperation to be ‘cool’, we buried our real selves and pretended we fit into the ‘cool’ section, even if it means we have to be mean and scruffy and dumb and we have to do things we don’t want to do, wear clothes we don’t feel comfortable in, listen to music we don’t enjoy, and be friends with people we don’t like. What have we done to ourselves?

We can blame society, but we are society. We have destroyed individuality because individuality isn’t ‘cool’. We’re all liars because we pretend to be people we aren’t and apparently that’s ‘cool’. But it’s really not…

Yeah I was feeling pretty philosophical today…


3 thoughts on “We Are Liars

  1. Being in high school right now, I can totally understand and relate to what you’re saying. Everyone wants to be perceived in a certain way and hence ends up lying about who they really are.
    I often end up thinking whether I’m the only one who understands what is really happening, or is everyone just ignoring this fact!

    This is a pretty awesome post. I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog 😀

    • Thank you so much 😀 I just think it’s terrifying that we can lose ourselves in trying to be cool, and it’s scary to think I’m the only one who’s noticing. I’m so glad you relate to what I’m saying and you like the post!

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