Monday Could Ruin My Year…

I’m terrified of Monday. Not just school, in fact school can sod off I’m not scared, I have to go to the doctors. I’m really, really worried about what I could find out. My year could be completely ruined, my parents will be gutted, my friends will try and be there for me but nothing will really make me feel better if I get the result I don’t want…


I’m not pregnant.


As you probably don’t know, I’m a runner, I train at an athletics club and gosh darn I love it. My favourite distance is 300m (equivalent of 400m for my age group). It’s just such a perfect distance y’know… not so short that you can’t get your speed up, and not so long that you have to run slow and die and stuff. Running 300m is basically my life.

My foot’s been hurting a lot recently, though. I took a couple weeks off training over Christmas and it was feeling better. But yesterday I went to training, excited to run some 300’s, but after three my foot was killing me, so I stopped. My coach spoke to me and said those awful words no athlete wants to hear “It sounds like a stress fracture”. DAMNIT! I internally screamed.

My doctors appointment is on Monday, and I’m so nervous. I’ve been researching stress fractures non-stop this evening and I’ve found that I could be not allowed to run for 4 – 16 weeks, this means I could be out of training for 4 FREAKING MONTHS! That would completely ruin everything for my summer season, I’ve been working so freaking hard this winter and to have it ruined by injury would honestly emotionally destroy me. Imagine making a sculpture, writing a novel, revising for an important exam, or something like that. Then imagine, something you couldn’t control smashing your sculpture, deleting your manuscript, ripping up your paper, and having to watch as all your potential success slips away and realising that now all your hard work counts for nothing. Yeah. That’s basically it.

I’ll have my fingers crossed all weekend, and I’ll pray every night even though I’m not at all religious (so I’m not sure who I’ll be praying to)…

Wish me luck,


4 thoughts on “Monday Could Ruin My Year…

  1. Don’t do this to yourself. Don’t talk yourself into anger and despair over a result you don’t want. Even if, God forbid, you do have a stress factor, it won’t mean you hard work counts for nothing; it’ll only mean you don’t get to apply it to whatever is coming up in the next four months. I had to have surgery while training for black sash – twice! It delayed my black sash award by three months, but it certainly didn’t mean my training was for nothing. Best of luck to you. Stay strong.

    • Thank you, and it’s just difficult, knowing you could do it if you hadn’t managed to get an injury and feeling so helpless because there’s nothing you can do but rest and watch your friends winning races and running the relay without you and thinking “I could be part of this, but no I have a damn stress fracture” I will try not to get really angry about it if it turns out I do have one. Congrats on getting your black sash award though 🙂 Thank you again.

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