Morning, C.

So damn inspiring.

Like oceans set on fire

critics.  No matter who you are, or what your new year resolution is, you’re never really oblivious to that tiny voice inside your head. The one that says things like “You’re not worth it,”  “You really think you’re going to lose all that weight? Think again, buddy. 365 days isn’t enough. At the end of this, you’ll still be fat, miserable and lonely.”

But that isn’t true. Although a part of your brain knows it, a larger part simply accepts it and feels defeated. Why? Probably because the voice is a part of you.

Often times, you can see me muttering under my breath and occasionally insulting myself and a bunch of other people. For the longest time, I have struggled with memories. My brain can forget simple historical dates and what I might have learned in school, but it will never, never forget when something embarrassing happened to me…

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